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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  September 4, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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on craigslist to end it's dult services have said it is the 800-pound gorilla of adult sexual services and today it does appear that craigslist has caved. until yesterday, people peddling adult erotic service, everything from sexy photos of women es in nedge lays to various acts of prostitution could advertise on craigslist and anyone looking for the services on craigslist today found this, a censored bar where adult services used to be. criticism mouned when phillip markoff, a so-called craigslist killer used the site to lure his victims. >> craigslist was walmart of sex trafficking. hopefully what craigslist has done will serve as an example to the other less visited web sites. >> reporter: the decision by craigslist comes under public pressure. including that of 17 states attorneys general, demanding the end of adult service listings. >> we have asked craigslist to take action, eliminating
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prostitution ads and forl now, it has done -- fortunately now, it has done the right thing voluntarily by shutting down the adult services section. >> reporter: congress woman jackie spear has scheduled a congressional hearing for september 15 focusing on craigslist. >> there is no question that craigslist adult questions is aiding and abetting criminal activity. and there is 100 to 300,000 children in this country, many of them run-aways that are sexually trafficked right here. they're not imported. they're right here in our community. >> reporter: spear says craigslist earns more than $35 million on its sex listings. that's 30% of a projected $122 million in revenue. >> you can't be an aider and abettor to a crime and not be tainted. >> reporter: but spears suggests the company is not yet fully committed to ending sexual services. >> the fact that they stamped censored on the site would suggest that they're doing it out of protest.
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>> reporter: the congress woman says craigslist has not ended the services on the adult section to areas outside of the united states. and attorney general richard bloomen thal says they will look at other sites to see if they pick up the business. >> don knapp, thank you very much. police resumed searching a pittsburg landfill today for the body of a missing hercules man connected to a suspect in a murder spree. 35-year-old frederick sales has been murdered and his father was murdered in the home that they were shared and they rented it from the girlfriend of 38-year-old efren valdemoro. valdemoro was killed by police tuesday, august 31, during a chase through richmond. and the body of his girlfriend was inside his car. the day before august 30, the bodies of two women were found in a vallejo home where valdemoro had lived off and on. and two days before that, august 28, the body of a man was found in the home he rented
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from efren. anne makovec has more. >> reporter: unfortunately, no sign of the missing man. but in some ways, fortunately, because authorities are still holding out some level of hope, that frederick sales could be found alive. they will be searching at the dump for another half an hour and plan to come back tomorrow to do the same thing. >> we will do what we need to do until we have all of our answers and we find mr. sales. >> reporter: the dirty job at the keller canyon landfill continues today. two dozen volunteers combing through tons of trash, looking for any sign of the body of 35- year-old frederick sales, missing and feared to have been killed by efren valdemoro who was shot and killed by officers on tuesday. police say he killed sales' father ricardo last week. he was found bludgeoned to death in this home owned by valdemoro's girlfriend, where the father and son were tenants. in late august, valdemoro told police the two had beaten him up during an argument. these pictures were take and
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valdemoro filed police reports but before police could act the elder sales was found dead and frederick has been missing since. >> unfortunately, everybody that is connected to this case intimately, they are now deceased. >> reporter: the theory police have been working under in this dump search is that valdemoro might have left sales' body in a dumpster at this business park in hercules where a cadillac valdemoro was known to drive was found parked. investigators say employees there reported an awful smell near the dumpster. but police did not get the chance to check it out before the trash was taken to this landfill, where square yard by square yard of compacted trash is loosened by this excavator, and gone through by hand. as the cadaver dog sniffs for clues. >> it is hot. it is smelly. it is very tedious. but they're all troopers. and they're going to stick it out. >> and now by about noon today, police say they had gotten through about half of the area they were hoping to search.
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and they started the search yesterday. so they're hoping tomorrow will be the final day. ann? >> thank you for the update. a tearful gathering last night to remember two of the murder victims connected to efren valdemoro. co-workers of sandy tran from the salon where she worked obviously devastated by her death and they also spoke fondly of ricardo sales worked as a security officer in the shopping center of the same area as the salon and they say they can't believe both are gone. >> it is sad. i was in shock when i heard about it. and that's why i wanted to come down here today and give my respects because she was a beautiful person. >> tran's friends are planning another memorial. it will be held in vallejo on september 19. the one man who could be key to the case has made his first appearance in court. 72-year-old charles rittenhouse pleaded not guilty to charges of possessing explosives
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yesterday. the explosives why found when police discovered the decomposing bodies of his wife and another woman at his hercules home. his attorney says rittenhouse had nothing to do with the murders and others may be implicated. well, a woman has been killed and a young man wounded in an overnight shooting in oakland. officers were flagged down near 85th and international boulevard, just after midnight. 30-year-old natasha carter and a 19-year-old companion said they had just left a party when someone old fire on their car. the woman died at the hospital. no arrests have been made. and san jose police are looking for this man. they say he is responsible for a series of bank robberies in the bay area and sacramento. banks in a half dozen cities have been hit since jiewns june from los gatos to sacramento and he is 40 years
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old and white nike shirt and jeans and anyone with information should contact police. new clues with the deadly plane crash on the peninsula and what federal investigators have learned so far on what caused the plane to go down. and thousands of christians gather in the state capital to pray for california and the country. hi, folks. meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. low clouds and fog crept onshore overnight but it looks like we have a glimpse of summer sunshine and maybe some heat, too. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america.
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jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. he just can't deliver the results
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best selection, lowest price guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ you're looking at the key cause of the massive oil spill in the gulf. crews raised a 300-ton blowout preventer from the gulf of mexico in the past few hours. it was supposed to monitor the well for signs of trouble and then seal the pipeline if necessary. it will be examined to find out why it failed to prevent the deadly oil rig explosion in april. now, federal investigators are getting their first real look at the wreckage of the small plane that crashed into a
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redwood shores lagoon thursday. three people died, including a palo alto business owner. investigators say that they have recovered the key parts of the plane, including the engine, which separated from the fuselage, and they found another clue. >> the preliminary investigation of the aircraft has shown that all of their flight control surfaces are present and accounted for in their correct position. >> the plane had dual controls. so it is unclear who was actually piloting the plane. the ntsb expect to relose a preliminary report in five to 10 days and a final report will take six to nine months. chp officers focus on preventing tragedy on the road this holiday weekend. at the muir woods national monument investigators are inspectorring tour buss to make sure they're safe and drivers are properly licensed. if there are problems, the officers can issue citations
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and impound vehicles. thousands of christians rallied in sacramento to protest what they called immorality in american life. the weekend event is billed as a call to consciousness by organizers and many participants are followers of the evangelical minister lou engel and he organized similar events in other cities including a rally to an abortion clinic in houston. participants deny it is a rally in opposition to gay marriage but critics question the timing. >> i think that part of the timing of this rally is politically motivated with the elections coming up so it is time to promote what i see as a particularly narrow view of christian values in order to move voters to vote in a particular way. >> i don't think so. i mean i think everyone, a lot of people who are coming here, they know our political statement but this is not plent to be this is our voting views
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and but the main thing is jesus lifted high in this land and that is why we're here. >> reporter: organizers say people have traveled from all over the country to attend this rally. a lot of people enjoying a three-day weekend celebrating or maybe mourning the end of summer. lawrence has the pinpoint forecast next. ,,,,,,
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sausalito art festival is
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wrapping up for tonight. day one of the 58th annual sausalito art festival wrapping up for tonight. the three-day festival features top name bands from the '60s to the '80s and also on display 20,000 works of art from local and international artists. of course, you will find wine and food, too. about 32,000 people are expected to attend the art festival. it runs through monday. find out from lawrence if our weather rollercoaster continues through monday as well. >> i think it will. but it may end up on the upside. a lot of festivities around the bay area this weekend. and we want some sunshine to go along with that. it looks like it will work out pretty nicely. outside today, kind of a mixed bag. low clouds and fog and that is currently hugging the coastline. look at the folks at the beach. okay, there are not very many. but pretty gray out there. by monday, they may be able to go out there and enjoy some sunshine and warm temperatures and even at the water's edge. let's take you inland and more sunshine there inside the bay overlooking san jose and blue skies and what is looking like
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a pretty nice evening outside and it will continue to that way. clouds for the better part of the evening, maybe fog later on. clear skies and warm temperature, and sest 70s and mid 80s inland. breezy through the golden gate bridge. and some fog intruding through the gate. and cooler temperatures coastside in the 50s and 60s. tomorrow, a little bit warmer in spots. 80s, maybe low 90s inland. 70s and maybe 80s by the coastline. low clouds early on. by the latter part of the day, maybe a little sunshine. and also the winds are trying to set themselves up and i think more so by tomorrow afternoon. patchy fog continuing coastside and probably see it hug the coast overnight tonight and make its way just inside the bay. temperatures 8 a degrees in concord and -- 85 degrees in concord. and 74 degrees in san rafael. cool 50s out toward the coastline. traveling around the state, you will find some temperatures an temperatures on the hot side.
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96 in fresno. about 92 in ukia. guess what? we have a trough of low pressure along the west coast. we have been saying that for the better part of the last four months. here it is once again helping to deepen the marine lay area little bit. torp, high pressure begins to build in. that will lift somewhat. and that means slightly warmer temperatures expected for the bay area tomorrow and i think we will spike the heat a little bit toward monday. tomorrow morning, a couple of patches of fog early on but not as thick this morning and watch what happens by the afternoon and they start to break up quite a bit and lots of sunshine, and i think the temperatures are going to warm up a few degrees around the bay area. still plan on some 60s coastside for the most part and get inside the bay and how about this, sunshine, about 77 degrees, in san mateo and about 81 in santa clara and about 80 degrees in fremont, and east bay temperatures, going to start heating things up and 90 in brentwood in 90 and antioch and 89 in livermore. just enough of a sea breeze to keep the temperatures in the mid-70s in oakland and also berkeley, and how about the north bay, and are you going to see a lot of sunshine as we
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head into the afternoon? 70s and mid 80s by the afternoon. and 60s out toward the immediate coast. and for the next few days, the temperatures will spike just a bit into monday, but by tuesday, we start to head the other direction again, and boy, talk about going up and down. we will head well below the average as we look toward tuesday and wednesday. then temperatures may slowly warm as we begin to head toward this next weekend. meantime though, a labor day forecast for you, looking good, as we will see plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures all the way to the coastline, maybe 70s out toward the beach and mid-90s in some spots inland. that's a look at weather. here is kim coyle with sports. >> thanks, lawrence. it didn't take long for andrew left to show everyone why he is considered one of the best in the country. and the bears roll in their opener against uc davis. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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getting starte ay, all right, a lot of lopsided scores for local teams but not all in the right direction. >> no doubt. >> it is a start. >> and if you're cal, you're loving your new freshman wide receiver. the last time cal played uc davis in football, world war ii was just getting started. after today, you can see why the aggies have avoided coming to berkeley. playing in the final season for the bears in old memorial stadium. after an early turnover by kevin riley, cal got it together. riley finds a wide open shane vereen, the first of three touchdowns. and second quarter, riley fires a strike to last year's leading receiver, marvin jones.
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14-0 bears. riley completed his first nine passes. and cal fans are going to love freshman wide receiver keenen allen. he is supposed to throw it, but no one is open, so he takes off, 18 yards later, he has the first career touchdown. cal wraps up over 500 yards on offense. and blows out uc davis 52-3. despite losing toby garhart to the nfl, stanford got plenty of love the offceasen from the national media. according to most of the expert, the top quarterback in the country plays down on the farm. jim harbaugh calls andrew the best quarterback he has ever seen and sacramento state may agree by the first half, by the sophomore qb. midway through the first, stanford up 7-0. and then the senior receiver takes it all the way for an 80-yard touchdown. it is the longest completion, third longest completion in
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school history. the two would hook up for another touchdown before the half. he throws for a career high four touchdowns in the first half. baldwin goes over 100 yards receiving. stanford beats sacramento state 52-17. while cal and stanford cruised in their opener, san jose state is taking on defending national champs alabama and 48-3 in the fourth. we will have full highlights at 11:00. brian kelly leading the fighting irish on the field for the first time. notre dame taking on purdue. late in the first quarter, kelly's uptempo offense puts the first points on the board. and armando allen shakes free and dives in for the score. the defense holds the boilermakers to just one touchdown. notre dame wins their opener, 23-12. the raiders made their final cuts today. the notable names not on the 53- man roster, full back luke lawton and defensive end jay richardson. the seahawks have cut wide
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receiver tjhuozmanzadeh after signing him to a one-year -- or a five-year $40 million deal. good news for the raiders with chad shillings injured, tom cable says the team would consider signing the eight-year veteran. the matt lienart era is over in arizona. releasing him from the cardinals. and the former usc star was a first round pick in 2006. and with kurt warner retiring, he is expected to step in and be the guy. but obviously, that didn't happen. every major leaguer picks their own song that is played when they come to bat. for most guys, it is something macho or intimidating. and rocky shortstop troy tulwitski is not like most guys ♪ hey, you're playing my song. >> and a lot of my fan base is kids and they all like that song and it makes for a good conversation why i chose that song. ♪ moving my hips like this. >> they make fun of you? >> all the time.
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but it is all fun and it doesn't bother me one bit. >> bud black is wondering when the padres losing streak will end. carlos gonzalez smacks one off to the top of the wall. two runs score. the former a has now driven in 95 runs this year. the rockies beat the padres 6- 2. san diego has now lost nine straight. trevor cahill pitches six shutout innings and the 15th win of the season at the coliseum this afternoon. the a's beat the angels 3-1. and things went much better today for tiger and the deutsche bank championship and follows up the opening round 72 with a six under 65 and seven shots back still but by making the cut, she -- he should qualify for next week's tournament in chicago. brant snedkerr had the low round of the day. a seven under 64. he is tied for the lead with jason day. maria sharapova barely broke a sweat on her third round match at the u.s. open. sharapova knocked out the 18- year-old beatrice capper in straight set, 6-0, 6-0, to advance to the fourth round.
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over on the men's side, roger federer moves one win closer to his sixth u.s. open title. he won in straight sets to advance to the round of 16. . busy weekend. kim, thank you very much. a big jump in the number of drunken driving arrests so far in labor day weekend. we have the figures from here in the bay area. across california. that's coming up tonight on the cw, eyewitness news at 10:00. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. we will see you again at 11:00. your latest news and weather always though on have a good night. ,,
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ts ago, in miami... woman: hey, look at that plane! let's flash them. yeah! it's on fire! dude, swerve! oh, my... ( screaming ) you okay? don't! don't, please don't. taylor: henry darius. he's on a killing spree in miami.


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